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Assalamualaikum and Hai. I'm Nik. turning 16 in 2015. i write, bake, study, play and live.



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frustrated, sad and heartbroken.
Selasa, 10 Februari 2015 | 0 comments
hallo and assalamualaikum.

aish stress? agaklah. just recently my laptop was declare broken wait what and thats why im feeling down as fuck rn. all of my files are in that laptop. kenapa tak buat backup? bukan taknak buat, tapi aku takde hardisk and the files are too big and it wont fit in a pendrive or thumbdrive. aku srsly nangis bila dapat tahu. i already told my dad that i want a new laptop for but i didnt expect that the other one to be broken cause i still fucking need to use it. on a second thought, it makes sense that it broke. the laptop was bought when i was darjah 4 and it officially became mine when i was in darjah 6. so it been 7 years with me. sungguh berjasa laptop tu. sebenarnya kalau boleh nak je aku keluar ayat curse tapi difikirkan balik ape la aku dpt.

besides that, i have a friend. he's from my last year class. well we're kinda close (not in that kind of way okay) and i didnt expect him to be in like kelas PN cause he's kinda smart. so when school started, ive bumped into him and he looks like he want to say something to me but didnt and just left. and korang tahukan aku ni org cam mane. nak tegur org ni susah sikit. so up until last week he didnt even talk to me. we've bumped into each other several times. so last week, we had koko and we both are in the same kelab and permainan. (coincedences? yes heheh). so i was playing bola baling and the guy's ball hit me in the hand and he's the one came. so i just said 'ouch' and he said 'oh sakit ke awak?' eh eh taklah die cakap 'sorry'. and im like okay. then we have to take our kad koko and i said 'orang tu taknak tegur kita' and he said very perlahan 'aku tak pandai cam korang'. i was like wait what? conclusionnya ceyh kelas tak ade makna apa2 bagi aku dalam friendship. seriously, aku masih je borak ngan bebudak klas lain. aku serious nak tegur die tapi haish hahah biarlaa. maybe one day.

ya allah dah kul bape dah. so byeeeeeeeeeeeee

Selasa, 3 Februari 2015 | 0 comments
hallo hallo. hahah cam sebulan sekali je update. busy la awoksss. pffftttt

serius aku agak busy. dgn sidang redeaksi, unit displin and bio, kimia (im not a fan of these two classes) and also choral speaking.

anyway, sebenarnya nak bagitahu ramai kawan2 aku keluar gi asrama. ade vokay,mrsm and sbp. jap nak mention name sume farah izzah, Nabila, adlina, farina and farah raihana. haishhh. and sekarang class sains 1 akan sikit, so cikgu nak amik bdak sains 2 masuk sains 1 yang lawaknya, takde sorang nak masuk lol. aku pun tak nak sbb urm urm ntahla wei hahahahahha.
so kpd yg dah atau akan masuk asrama ni, jangan la dilupakan aku ni. haish aku risau sebenarnya. cause aku ni kalau dah lama tak bertegur, aku jadi awkward gila.

well, sampai disini sahaja. ngantuk hihi ew

Selasa, 20 Januari 2015 | 0 comments
wahhh its already 2015 and i didnt even update that much last year hahahah.

anyway so pt3 has ended like months ago and well i do and dont care abt my result. mehhh. so this year my class is 4 Sains 2 and of course new classmates and new transfer students. most of my last year classmates or should i say joyah club is in akaun 1 and akaun 2 and one of them went to PN 1. anyway about this new class well how should i say this urmmm idk. actually i kinda like being in last year class. this year is kinda urm well. let me tell you something abt budak kelas depan and budak kelas tengah. i experienced these two classes. half of my life ive been in kelas depan since last year ive went to kelas depan la jgak tapi bukan kelas khas la. of course at first i hated the ppl in the class because most of them are budak2 bermasalah. its kind of a culture shock for me who doesnt know how to socialize but eventually ive opened my heart for them (ceyh!). they actually are good kids and well a little bit wild but they're nice. if we fight, we just say some rude words and then act normal around each other. im the type of person that bila orng tegur baru aku bercakap and thats how these ppl do. well im not saying being in kelas depan is bad but its not a good thing either right? kalau korang kelas depan mesti pernah macam ni, gaduh sbb bende kecik je tapi tak bertegur smpai berberapa minggu/hari and since we're all 'too smart' semua nak ikut kepala sendiri and ego gila tinggi. semua nak menang. lagi2 boys. even though my last year classmates boys, when they argued with girls diaorng yg give up dulu or just berhenti. and its a tough competition. actually im kinda thankful im not in Sains 1. hahahh maaf2 kalau terasa.

so, janganla kata orang yang duduk kelas yang bukan depan semua perangai cam sial. (ade la setengah tu nyahahah) and im not saying semua dalam kelas depan tu perangai baik sangat. kita semuakan just hamba allah so we make mistakes and learn from our mistakes.

kalau ade yang terasa hati tu maaf la ye.

omg jiwang sia aku ni. hahahha susah betul kalau memalam idea datang bebanyak.


why are you so fucked up.
Ahad, 24 Ogos 2014 | 0 comments
neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol lama tak update. jgn marah yerrr. busy la. busy my ass but seriously to much is going on in my life. family,exam and friends.

oh yeah and abt this blog dont worry, i will make like a daily blogging after i finished pt3. daily blogging tak tau? ala mcm daily vlogging but dlm ver menulis.

aku and adik aku huzairi ni mmg skang asyik ckp pasal duittttttt jer. lol nak beli tu la ini la. tah ape2 je kitaorg. anyway we are hoping to buy a new camera that can record and make like a video together and no not a youtube channel just video that us can see and edit ourselves lol maybe i'll upload it someday here.

anyway, the real reason i made this post is abt a friend. lets call her Miss A.

so Miss A ni dia ni mmg mcm happy go lucky punya org la but sometime she might get overboard and she always make fun of the guys who sat in front us. and one day dia ni pergi overboard bergaduh dgn Mamat T.
so diaorg pun gaduh and tak bertegur sapa. Miss A ni mmg tak suka dgr kata org kut sbb mmg aku dah bagi byk teguran and warning but whoopss tula sbb tak nak dgr kata org. lepas tu dia mintak la aku tolong dia mcm mana nak berbaik dgn Mamat T. and i was like 'woooaaa nope bitch nope, i told you so'. okay aku pun suka kacau org tapi kita kne berpada la babe. org ade perasaan juga wei. haish dahla malas nak ckp ngan org tak paham bahasa.

oh btw wish me a lots of luck for pt3, okay guys?

Khamis, 12 Jun 2014 | 0 comments
elo elo
hahha apahalah dengan aku ni. anyway, cuti sekolah ni aku cume urmm makan,tidur,tulis cerpen dan menghabiskan masa dengan melayan anime. macam mana aku boleh jadi otaku?

its all started 6 years ago,
lol i guess im better off with english novel than malay right?

back to the topic. i was into manga before and then anime and j-drama and eventually k-drama. its all because my pakcik2 yg gila asian ni. ehem. at first i was little like 6 or 7 years old, when they stayed at my house they were always with their laptops. so i watched what are they doing. they were playing games and reading manga. the one who supported me into this internet/electronics is my ayahcik. i always like when he play those game, some that i remember was the witch 2 i guess. that lured me to ventured into games and things happen. i then loves games then manga then bla bla bla. my first laptop was urmm when i was 8 or 7 i cant remember. then that laptop broke. so my father brought a netbook. it was his until i was 11 years it eventually became my 'hak milik sendiri' lol. dad didnt mind tho except mom. well mothers are always like that :)
that when it started, my obesession over internet and laptops. and sometimes i think my parents really do love me. lol or its just i always annoyed them to buy things. naa im not like that unless i achieved something that made them proud.( totally not being cocky here. lol)
so when i was 14, im into editing until now. i have photoshop and sony vegas pro to help me edit.

hahah this is more likely not abt anime. oh well. then i suggest some anime that are good.

actually there's a lot but for now i just suggest this.
ayato-kun <3

bye-bye :-)

Khamis, 5 Jun 2014 | 0 comments
halo halo. lama tak update. biasala busy katakan /flips hair. lol takdela cuma perasaan malas pada cuti skolah ni semakin meningkat. herm cerpen aku bolehlah dlm progress. cite dia mcm fantasy sikit mcm tu. anyway aku update bukan nak cita pasal cerpen. nak update pasal hangout with bdak2 klas aka geng joyah. ade sorang akak ni tak abis2 suruh aku upload. kan kak pina?

orang swag main bowling pakai skirt

longkang all the way

strike bebeyh!

markah paling tinggi uolss

kitaorg tgk wayang jugak but mne boleh masuk kamera dlm panggung lol

thats all

so amacam kak pina? okay? lol

Another day, another edit.
Jumaat, 21 Februari 2014 | 0 comments

lol aku cume nak post gmbr yg aku bru edit. btw nak edit ni amik masa yg lama sedikit heh

its a gif so kalau tak bergerak tu maknanya laptop or phone kau yg rosak ooops.