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Assalamualaikum and Hai. I'm Nik. turning 16 in 2015. i write, bake, study, play and live.



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Sabtu, 26 Oktober 2013 | 0 comments
weeeee halloooooo
okay i dont why my greetings is usually weird hahah pmsl

yes i am myself i dont need to change for others

yes im weird
but in a good way

im love myself but i love the people i loved more than myself
i dont know it become a habit since i dont like making people mad nor sad
cause i will feel like 100000x guilty

but when the people hurt me
yes my heart gonna shatter into pieces
i may look tough from the outside but inside im just a usual sensetive girl

i dont cry infront of people but i cry inside

to be honest if i read or watch a sad movie/drama/fanfic
i cry ..
like really crying
and of course i look ugly hahah

as you guys can see im not very smart or stupid
and still i asking myself how the heck i even get to be on the first class
and all i did was i thanked allah for giving me the chances to be on the first class

and sometimes i want to be perfect but
no one is perfect in the world
yes im asking to much right?

honestly,  i used to be a badass bitch who fought with her parents and thinking about running away from home
but i've changed
i feel bad for my parents

hahah i dont why im letting my hearts out here
yes i just live once so i have to live it well

i guess i just stop for now byee

p/s: omg my english JUST BLESS MY GRAMMER OKAYY