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Assalamualaikum and Hai. I'm Nik. turning 16 in 2015. i write, bake, study, play and live.



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hello 2014
Ahad, 26 Januari 2014 | 0 comments
i know its kinda late to post abt this well who cares

as you guys know i changed class im no longer in krk since i failed math. my class now is 3B as in 3 Bestari.
at first i dont want to accept the fact. i failed myself and everyone. but for second thought, i need to keep ahead. i might fall down once or twice but that doesnt mean i cant keep going. i need to show everyone although i fall down, i can rise again. I CAN PASS PPMR NO I MUST PASS PPMR.

i know some people are mocking me because aku turun kelas and one of the people is shaif (well no way im gonna censored this fuck). at first i never knew why people hate him and now i know why. he is just a fuck who need sympathy from others. well whatever he saying to me, try making me feel bad for myself, that aint gonna happen bitch!

anyway, about my new class and classmate they are very urmm how should i say this friendly yet noisy? i dont get used to noisy class yet but they are sure a friendly and sporting. the boys are way more talkative. oh and i got myself some new friends :p. sumaira, maisara, zizie, faten, syahidah. i sit next to syiqin bisingnya bdak ni . got to accept the fact that i have a new classmates now. by hook or by crook.