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Assalamualaikum and Hai. I'm Nik. turning 16 in 2015. i write, bake, study, play and live.



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why are you so fucked up.
Ahad, 24 Ogos 2014 | 0 comments
neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol lama tak update. jgn marah yerrr. busy la. busy my ass but seriously to much is going on in my life. family,exam and friends.

oh yeah and abt this blog dont worry, i will make like a daily blogging after i finished pt3. daily blogging tak tau? ala mcm daily vlogging but dlm ver menulis.

aku and adik aku huzairi ni mmg skang asyik ckp pasal duittttttt jer. lol nak beli tu la ini la. tah ape2 je kitaorg. anyway we are hoping to buy a new camera that can record and make like a video together and no not a youtube channel just video that us can see and edit ourselves lol maybe i'll upload it someday here.

anyway, the real reason i made this post is abt a friend. lets call her Miss A.

so Miss A ni dia ni mmg mcm happy go lucky punya org la but sometime she might get overboard and she always make fun of the guys who sat in front us. and one day dia ni pergi overboard bergaduh dgn Mamat T.
so diaorg pun gaduh and tak bertegur sapa. Miss A ni mmg tak suka dgr kata org kut sbb mmg aku dah bagi byk teguran and warning but whoopss tula sbb tak nak dgr kata org. lepas tu dia mintak la aku tolong dia mcm mana nak berbaik dgn Mamat T. and i was like 'woooaaa nope bitch nope, i told you so'. okay aku pun suka kacau org tapi kita kne berpada la babe. org ade perasaan juga wei. haish dahla malas nak ckp ngan org tak paham bahasa.

oh btw wish me a lots of luck for pt3, okay guys?