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Assalamualaikum and Hai. I'm Nik. turning 16 in 2015. i write, bake, study, play and live.



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frustrated, sad and heartbroken.
Selasa, 10 Februari 2015 | 0 comments
hallo and assalamualaikum.

aish stress? agaklah. just recently my laptop was declare broken wait what and thats why im feeling down as fuck rn. all of my files are in that laptop. kenapa tak buat backup? bukan taknak buat, tapi aku takde hardisk and the files are too big and it wont fit in a pendrive or thumbdrive. aku srsly nangis bila dapat tahu. i already told my dad that i want a new laptop for but i didnt expect that the other one to be broken cause i still fucking need to use it. on a second thought, it makes sense that it broke. the laptop was bought when i was darjah 4 and it officially became mine when i was in darjah 6. so it been 7 years with me. sungguh berjasa laptop tu. sebenarnya kalau boleh nak je aku keluar ayat curse tapi difikirkan balik ape la aku dpt.

besides that, i have a friend. he's from my last year class. well we're kinda close (not in that kind of way okay) and i didnt expect him to be in like kelas PN cause he's kinda smart. so when school started, ive bumped into him and he looks like he want to say something to me but didnt and just left. and korang tahukan aku ni org cam mane. nak tegur org ni susah sikit. so up until last week he didnt even talk to me. we've bumped into each other several times. so last week, we had koko and we both are in the same kelab and permainan. (coincedences? yes heheh). so i was playing bola baling and the guy's ball hit me in the hand and he's the one came. so i just said 'ouch' and he said 'oh sakit ke awak?' eh eh taklah die cakap 'sorry'. and im like okay. then we have to take our kad koko and i said 'orang tu taknak tegur kita' and he said very perlahan 'aku tak pandai cam korang'. i was like wait what? conclusionnya ceyh kelas tak ade makna apa2 bagi aku dalam friendship. seriously, aku masih je borak ngan bebudak klas lain. aku serious nak tegur die tapi haish hahah biarlaa. maybe one day.

ya allah dah kul bape dah. so byeeeeeeeeeeeee